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Il Gioiello is headquartered in Via Canevari, 256/R, 16137 Genova GE, Italy. Il Gioiello operates in the field of jewelry_store and is rated by customers as 4.8-stars on Google. You can find more information about Il Gioiello on their website or you can contact them by phone so they can best serve you. There are 309 jewelry_store - related places around Il Gioiello you can refer to below.

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  • Where is Il Gioiello's location?

    Il Gioiello's location at: Via Canevari, 256/R, 16137 Genova GE, Italy

  • What is Il Gioiello's phone number?

    You can call Il Gioiello at this phone number +39 010 839 1497

  • What is Il Gioiello's website?

    You can find all information about Il Gioiello at their website at

  • What is Il Gioiello's location type?

    Il Gioiello works in jewelry_store

  • What is Il Gioiello's rating?

    The rating that Il Gioiello received from customers is 4.8

Il Gioiello
Il Gioiello
Il Gioiello
Laura Bianchi (09/03/2020)
Are you looking for unique, refined products at a good quality price? You are in the right place! Friendly staff who passionately recommend some of their customizable products. They create jewelry from your photos or designs to make your bracelet or keychain absolutely unique. Go and have a look in the shop, they have many little goodies not displayed in the window at a good price and very special! Highly recommended.
Elena B. (12/03/2020)
I really enjoyed it. Very kind and honest prices, I recommend!
sergio bannó (11/27/2020)
Dear and professional ..
marina azzurra (12/31/2019)
They always solve my search for gifts!
Daniela Peroni (12/09/2018)
Experience, professionalism and kindness are the attributes that unquestionably distinguish Il Gioiello. An exercise where you return ... always and with pleasure.
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