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Hedman Alas is headquartered in Colonia Luis Landa, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Hedman Alas operates in the field of airport and is rated by customers as 3.2-stars on Google. You can find more information about Hedman Alas on their website or you can contact them by phone so they can best serve you. There are 70 airport - related places around Hedman Alas you can refer to below.

Questions Related to Hedman Alas
  • Where is Hedman Alas's location?

    Hedman Alas's location at: Colonia Luis Landa, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

  • What is Hedman Alas's phone number?

    You can call Hedman Alas at this phone number +504 9947-0227

  • What is Hedman Alas's website?

    You can find all information about Hedman Alas at their website at http://www.hedmanalas.com/

  • What is Hedman Alas's location type?

    Hedman Alas works in airport

  • What is Hedman Alas's rating?

    The rating that Hedman Alas received from customers is 3.2

Hedman Alas
Hedman Alas
Hedman Alas
Hedman Alas
Hedman Alas
Hedman Alas
Ivan Medina (08/03/2019)
We bought tickets with Hedman Alas to go from Tegucigalpa to Lago de Yojoa, which drops passengers off in La Guama. First off, the bus arrived 1.5 hours late. Second, there was no AC. Third, the bus DID NOT STOP AT OUR DESTINATION. As soon as I was sure we had missed the stop, I tried to ask the bus driver to let us off but there was a door separating him from the passengers and he slammed it closed so that I couldn't talk to him. We ended up having to stay on the bus all the way to San Pedro Sula. When we got off there, I asked the driver why he didn't make the stop for Lago de Yojoa, to which he responded "we don't make that stop." Why would the tickets say "DESTINATON: LAGO DE YOJOA" if they don't make the stop there? They left us on the other side of the country with no idea what we were going to do. We had to take another bus straight back to Tegucigalpa which meant we spent just about the entire day on the bus only to have wasted that time and money. They of course didn't offer us any assistance in terms of getting back as they didn't accept responsibility for us ending up in the wrong place. The worst part of it all is that we later found out that they told a lie to the company that we bought the tickets through so that they wouldn't have to accept responsibility for what happened. They said they made the stop for us, but that we told the driver we changed our minds and decided that we wanted to go to San Pedro Sula to do paperwork, which is 100% a lie. It was already bad that they dropped us off in some random city and didn't help us get back, but it was much worse that they lied about the mistake not only to us bought also to the company we bought the tickets through. Llegamos a la terminal de Hedman Alas en Tegucigalpa a las 6 de la manaña el 15 de julio. El bus llego tarde, asi que esperamos 2.5 horas para abordar. Compramos boletos con destino Lago de Yojoa, y nos deberia haber dejado el La Guama, pero el chofer siquio manejando. Trate de abrir la puerta para pedir la parada en La Guama, pero el chofer cerro la puerta y no me dejo hablarle. Asi que teniamos que seguir en el bus hasta SPS. Llegamos a SPS a las 12 o 1 y les ensene los boletos al chofer y les pregunte porque no nos dejo en la parada para Lago de Yojoa, nos dijo que no hace esa parada, aunque dice en el boleto "DESTINO: LYO". No conocemos SPS entonces regresamos en el proximo bus a Tegucigalpa. Perdimos dinero y tiempo viajando con Hedman Alas, y cuando hable con el dueno de D&D Brewery (compre los boletos de su sitio de web), me dijo que alguien de Hedman Alas le dijo otra historia: que el chofer hizo la parada y que le dijimos que ya no queriamos bajarnos en LYO y que queriamos seguir hacia SPS, lo cual es mentira. Fue malo que no nos dejo en nuestro destino, y fue peor que nos dijeron la mentira de que no hacen esa parada pero lo peor es que le dijeron una mentira al dueno de D&D Brewery de lo sucedido para no tener que aceptar la culpa.
J Starr (08/09/2018)
My go-to bus company to and from Tegus to major destinations within Honduras. Hedman costs more than other companies. Convenient and safe location within the city, busy area.
David W. (11/21/2018)
This company has to be one of the worst I have ever used. Don't pay in Dollars they ripped us off with the exchange. Terrible service. Does not deserve 1 star.
Mario Mendoza (11/05/2017)
Decent, but buses need maintenance
Denis Gomez (07/09/2018)
Terrible bus service. Most of their buses are in poor conditions and they don't have any customer service at all. Very disappointed with this bus service. If I were you I'd rather use Transportes Cristina or Vianna.
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