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Containers 4 Sale is headquartered in Neutral Bay NSW 2089, Australia. Containers 4 Sale operates in the field of moving_company and is rated by customers as 1-stars on Google. You can find more information about Containers 4 Sale on their website or you can contact them by phone so they can best serve you. There are 1307 moving_company - related places around Containers 4 Sale you can refer to below.

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  • Where is Containers 4 Sale's location?

    Containers 4 Sale's location at: Neutral Bay NSW 2089, Australia

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    Containers 4 Sale works in moving_company

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    The rating that Containers 4 Sale received from customers is 1

Knox Ross (11/15/2018)
I paid for a water proof, good condition, max.10 year old 40 foot hi cube container. It was delivered with all the door rubbers damaged, door frames rusting out and the roof in certain areas rusted all the way through. Lyn the owner to date (3 months so far) is now ignoring emails and calls to rectify. I have meet another one of her clients she supplied the same bad condition container to who had to repair it themselves.I would not recommend this business to anybody
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  • Address:Neutral Bay NSW 2089, Australia
  • Coordinate:-33.8316338,151.2221423
  • Compound Code :569C+8V Neutral Bay NSW, Australia
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