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Estacion Ferrocarril is headquartered in Entre Ríos, Gral. Campos, Entre Ríos, Argentina. Estacion Ferrocarril operates in the field of library and is rated by customers as 5-stars on Google. You can find more information about Estacion Ferrocarril on their website or you can contact them by phone so they can best serve you. There are 107 library - related places around Estacion Ferrocarril you can refer to below.

Questions Related to Estacion Ferrocarril
  • Where is Estacion Ferrocarril's location?

    Estacion Ferrocarril's location at: Entre Ríos, Gral. Campos, Entre Ríos, Argentina

  • What is Estacion Ferrocarril's location type?

    Estacion Ferrocarril works in library

  • What is Estacion Ferrocarril's rating?

    The rating that Estacion Ferrocarril received from customers is 5

Evangelina Steinbrecher (04/23/2019)
This beautiful place, the Railway Station of the Locality of General Campos, in the Litoraleña Province of Entre Ríos is full of magic. Witness of so many farewells, of so many meetings, of so many games and so many arrivals. A place full of stories worthy of being recorded in a book. 🌷
Vicky de la Madrid (01/29/2017)
A very beautiful place ... Freight trains only pass in this place
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  • Address:Entre Ríos, Gral. Campos, Entre Ríos, Argentina
  • Coordinate:-31.525793,-58.4019246
  • Compound Code :FHFX+M6 General Campos, Entre Rios, Argentina
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