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Don Alfonso is headquartered in Talcahuano 414, C1013 AAJ, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Don Alfonso operates in the field of meal_takeaway and is rated by customers as 4-stars on Google. You can find more information about Don Alfonso on their website or you can contact them by phone so they can best serve you. There are 935 meal_takeaway - related places around Don Alfonso you can refer to below.

Questions Related to Don Alfonso
  • Where is Don Alfonso's location?

    Don Alfonso's location at: Talcahuano 414, C1013 AAJ, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • What is Don Alfonso's phone number?

    You can call Don Alfonso at this phone number +54 11 4371-1123

  • What is Don Alfonso's location type?

    Don Alfonso works in meal_takeaway

  • What is Don Alfonso's rating?

    The rating that Don Alfonso received from customers is 4

Don Alfonso
Juan Jose Cicero (01/27/2019)
A classic in the area. It is one of the 2 grills that happened to the one that was originally on Paraná Street, where years ago they built a building in which a unit of the INSSJP operates. The matambrito, is actually a bondiola sandwich. They are good at the grill and some bosses in evading check
Damián F. L. Raising (11/23/2018)
Very good service and the quality of the grill.
Walter Romero (01/06/2018)
A capo Mr. Alfonso, good place
Federico Muiño (02/12/2017)
Matambrito !!
Hernan C (12/03/2019)
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