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Arroyo Espera is headquartered in Tigre, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Arroyo Espera operates in the field of tourist_attraction and is rated by customers as 5-stars on Google. You can find more information about Arroyo Espera on their website or you can contact them by phone so they can best serve you. There are 822 tourist_attraction - related places around Arroyo Espera you can refer to below.

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  • Where is Arroyo Espera's location?

    Arroyo Espera's location at: Tigre, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

  • What is Arroyo Espera's location type?

    Arroyo Espera works in tourist_attraction

  • What is Arroyo Espera's rating?

    The rating that Arroyo Espera received from customers is 5

Arroyo Espera
Arroyo Espera
Arroyo Espera
Arroyo Espera
Arroyo Espera
Arroyo Espera
Arroyo Espera
Arroyo Espera
Arroyo Espera
Arroyo Espera
Olga Ana Rulli (12/09/2020)
Spectacular! It is my place in the world!
Dario Paita (02/17/2020)
Arroyo Espera 912, 2 beautiful cabins ... well built and equipped, the park .. dock and barbecue barbecue tmb very good
Sandra Aleso (01/03/2020)
Sailing approximately 30 minutes from the Tigre river station, after crossing the Capitan River with its attractive Sarmiento Museum, you arrive at the Espera stream. Placidity and rest in this beautiful place of our delta. Worth the walk, the stress is left behind!
laura kaiser (11/19/2019)
Great, it's quiet, you have several cabins to rent, the cremolati ice cream maker goes through the door of your house, you have the one that sells homemade bread and homemade sweets made on the island that passes by; also the warehouse boat to buy whatever you want. There is a lot of peace there.
María Belén (08/19/2019)
Beautiful place, with the peace of the Delta, outdoors and VERY delicious food.
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  • Address:Tigre, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
  • Coordinate:-34.3538585,-58.6266213
  • Compound Code :J9WF+F9 Tigre, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
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