Address: SH72, Berat, Albania
Coordinate: 40.7332975, 19.9403872
Phone: +355 69 789 0999
Compound Code: PWMR+85 Berat, Albania
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Questions Related to Wedding House Berat

  • Where is Wedding House Berat's location?

    Wedding House Berat's location at: SH72, Berat, Albania

  • What is Wedding House Berat's phone number?

    You can call Wedding House Berat at this phone number +355 69 789 0999

  • What is Wedding House Berat's website?

    You can find all information about Wedding House Berat at their website at

  • What is Wedding House Berat's location type?

    Wedding House Berat works in restaurant

  • What is Wedding House Berat's rating?

    The rating that Wedding House Berat received from customers is 5

  • Where are the coordinates of Wedding House Berat?

    Latitude: 40.7332975
    Longitude: 19.9403872

  • Where is Wedding House Berat's location on Google maps?

    Wedding House Berat's location on Google maps is

About Wedding House Berat

Wedding House Berat is located at SH72, Berat, Albania with latitude 40.7332975 and longitude 19.9403872. Wedding House Berat works in the restaurant industry with a customer rating of 5

You can find more information about Wedding House Berat on their website or you can contact us at phone number +355 69 789 0999 so they can best serve you. Take a look at some of the customer reviews about their experience with Wedding House Berat



Wedding House Berat
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What other say:

Bledar Hasimi (03/03/2020)
Best place for wedding in berat
olsi tarushi (09/08/2017)
Perfect place for your wedding!
Bert Gjini (08/31/2018)
Nice place
Gentian Polovina (06/19/2017)
We did the wedding on June 17, 2017. Perfect service. The kitchen is typical of Berat cooked perfectly and served with the same care. An educated and caring staff who was always present throughout the wedding. Everything organized according to our needs and desires. Recommended for your upcoming weddings.
Andrzej Głąb (08/11/2018)
A perfect place for Albanian slurries.

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