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Vinea Resort & SPA is headquartered in 8G7M+XP Maliq Muço, durres, Albania. Vinea Resort & SPA operates in the field of spa and is rated by customers as 4-stars on Google. You can find more information about Vinea Resort & SPA on their website or you can contact them by phone so they can best serve you. There are 19 spa - related places around Vinea Resort & SPA you can refer to below.

Questions Related to Vinea Resort & SPA
  • Where is Vinea Resort & SPA's location?

    Vinea Resort & SPA's location at: 8G7M+XP Maliq Muço, durres, Albania

  • What is Vinea Resort & SPA's phone number?

    You can call Vinea Resort & SPA at this phone number +355 69 205 5599

  • What is Vinea Resort & SPA's location type?

    Vinea Resort & SPA works in spa

  • What is Vinea Resort & SPA's rating?

    The rating that Vinea Resort & SPA received from customers is 4

Vinea Resort & SPA
Vinea Resort & SPA
Vinea Resort & SPA
Vinea Resort & SPA
Vinea Resort & SPA
Vinea Resort & SPA
Vinea Resort & SPA
Vinea Resort & SPA
Vinea Resort & SPA
Vinea Resort & SPA
panacea durres (01/17/2021)
Small pool, too crowded weekends. Restorant is nice, but sometime you have to wait too long to get your order.
Redin Manasterliu (10/04/2020)
Very nice place besides the old road Durress-Tirana. I was there for lunch and it was very crowded. Best to book in advance for weekends. As shown in the pictures there is a vast green area for kids to run around, as well as a great playground. Regardless of the fact that it was full, and there was a wedding reception indoors (in Albania this means four or more courses dinner), the food came relatively quicker than we thought. Still, despite a good number of service providers, service quality was below the venue quality. The waiter refused most individual orders and, instead, offered mix meat dishes for everyone... Yet most of the individual orders were meat based. While I understood they were very busy, the refusal of a menu listing could have been done more professionally. Over all 4.5 out of 5.
Dusha Nka (11/24/2020)
Had the most awful experience at their restaurant. We were left to wait for almost two hours and nobody got our order. We would call the waiters which were doing absolutely nothing just moving around, just to be told that they would come. The fact that we had kids that were left 2 hours to wait to order for their lunch makes this even more horrible Also had to assist an unpleasant event of them coming to get the order of a table that arrived after us, just because the manager knew them. Considering the weird behavior of the waiters, I can't say anything but that either they were out of capacity to serve everyone in their restaurant, or they're poorly trained and don't know how to manage a restaurant that big. You never let your client wait for 2 hours without giving them a menu and get their order. Nor do you offer service to your friends ignoring previous clients with children impatiently waiting. In the end we just got up and left after 2 hours and no order taken. I don't recommend the place in busy weekends, nor going there with kids since you don't know if the staff is capable to deal with it and won't have a breakdown, or if they're short staffed in the kitchen because of the pandemic.
Orjol Vrekaj (10/05/2020)
Very good place and good food...
Jack Fejzo (10/31/2020)
Just simply the best
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