Address: Rruga e Shengjergjit Verri Shengjergj, Verri, Albania
Coordinate: 41.3286126, 20.084589
Phone: +355 68 282 7542
Compound Code: 83HM+CR Verri, Albania
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Questions Related to VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ

  • Where is VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ's location?

    VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ's location at: Rruga e Shengjergjit Verri Shengjergj, Verri, Albania

  • What is VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ's phone number?

    You can call VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ at this phone number +355 68 282 7542

  • What is VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ's website?

    You can find all information about VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ at their website at

  • What is VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ's location type?

    VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ works in lodging

  • What is VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ's rating?

    The rating that VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ received from customers is 5

  • Where are the coordinates of VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ?

    Latitude: 41.3286126
    Longitude: 20.084589

  • Where is VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ's location on Google maps?

    VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ's location on Google maps is


VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ is located at Rruga e Shengjergjit Verri Shengjergj, Verri, Albania with latitude 41.3286126 and longitude 20.084589. VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ works in the lodging industry with a customer rating of 5

You can find more information about VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ on their website or you can contact us at phone number +355 68 282 7542 so they can best serve you. Take a look at some of the customer reviews about their experience with VILA DISHA SHENGERGJ



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qwertzy “11106495666” azertzzy (07/24/2020)
Ok, where should I start? Food? Amazing Rooms? Clean, spacious and comfortable bed. Again amazing Service? Simply amazing. The owner was always there for every request. I simply cannot believe we got all those things for such a price. Ps: He even made a nest for the birds. There were 2 little ones nesting there. Loved my stay!
Elmaz Pepa (01/26/2021)
Exceeded our expectations in every aspect of our visit. I was planing to propose to my girlfriend and what better place than Korca in Albania! Based on the pictures of the surroundings the place looked amazing and very romantic and for that reason we decided to contact them an explain what my plan was and what I was aiming to do and how. They did not hesitate to accept my request and they even gave me some different ideas which greatly complimented my plan. On that note myself, my girlfriend and two of her friends we decided to celebrate one of the girls birthday which helped to cover our proposal plan so my girlfriend did not suspect a thing. The journey to the hotel: It takes some 40 minutes from the TIRANES city to get to the hotel and although we went at the end of January which meant the snow was over half a meter deep there was no driving issues on the way there whatsoever. The drive there and back was through some very beautiful mountains so make sure your phone/camera is fully charged. Half way through the journey there is the skiing sloop which we did not manage to use it this time but we definitely will next time and yes there will be a next time. The hotel: The structure is simply a peace of art that fits really well with beautiful natural surroundings. The reception room is contemporary with the traditional chimney, the rooms are specious with french patios large bathrooms with shower or bath and spotless all around. The best part about the rooms was the fact that although it was -4 outside the rooms were very very warm to the point that i wanted to open the windows. Food: The restaurant contains a menu with wide variety of choices from traditional Albanian dishes to generic Mediterranean once and very tasty food. The breakfast is served in the form of a buffet and is a mixture of oriental and Mediterranean food as well as the option to order cooked foods. Prices: Not the cheapest rooms and menus around there, however, this industry is very similar to when you buy a car; you cannot buy a Porsche with the price of a Fiat Punto. Basically here you pay for what you get i.e. comfort, amazing views, amazing building, great rooms and high standards. Good wine selection at a price, the menu is reasonably priced. Staff: The staff were very helpful, welcoming, professional and could not do enough for us and also very knowledgeable. They provided us with the best birthday cake that we had ever tried. We will definitely return. Thank you guys. Almost forgot, she did say YES. Shume faleminderit per gjithcka. Ing.PEPA
ersilda hasa (07/24/2020)
Super satisfied with our stay! Everything is as described and much more than that. We went there as a group of friends and honestly the staff was very welcoming! The rooms were very clean and warm and had anything you needed. Besi was very helpful and he knew what we wanted and needed before even asking for it! The food was delicious and omg those potatoes 😂😍 We went hiking and as it started raining we called for Besi and of course he was very glad to come and pick us up 😯 Its a must visit and I will surely be coming back! Thank you Besi 🤗
Nori Rroshi (10/13/2020)
Best way is here,,,beautiful place,,,bio food

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