Address: Tosi bar, Ksamil, Albania
Coordinate: 39.7760056, 20.0012685
Phone: +355 69 763 5886
Compound Code: Q2G2+CG Ksamil, Albania
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Questions Related to Tosi Bar

  • Where is Tosi Bar's location?

    Tosi Bar's location at: Tosi bar, Ksamil, Albania

  • What is Tosi Bar's phone number?

    You can call Tosi Bar at this phone number +355 69 763 5886

  • What is Tosi Bar's location type?

    Tosi Bar works in bar

  • What is Tosi Bar's rating?

    The rating that Tosi Bar received from customers is 4

  • Where are the coordinates of Tosi Bar?

    Latitude: 39.7760056
    Longitude: 20.0012685

  • Where is Tosi Bar's location on Google maps?

    Tosi Bar's location on Google maps is

About Tosi Bar

Tosi Bar is located at Tosi bar, Ksamil, Albania with latitude 39.7760056 and longitude 20.0012685. Tosi Bar works in the bar industry with a customer rating of 4

You can find more information about Tosi Bar on their website or you can contact us at phone number +355 69 763 5886 so they can best serve you. Take a look at some of the customer reviews about their experience with Tosi Bar


What other say:

Stan Migdalek (07/18/2019)
Nice service ! Delicious cold beer! I recommend thirsty!
Caroline Gosch (08/18/2019)
Cheapest beach chairs in Ksamil, super friendly owner, the bar has everything you could ask for drinks, visually compared to the other beach bars rather easy.

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