Sotira's Waterfall
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Sotira's Waterfall is headquartered in Albania. Sotira's Waterfall operates in the field of park and is rated by customers as 5-stars on Google. You can find more information about Sotira's Waterfall on their website or you can contact them by phone so they can best serve you. There are 75 park - related places around Sotira's Waterfall you can refer to below.

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  • Where is Sotira's Waterfall's location?

    Sotira's Waterfall's location at: Albania

  • What is Sotira's Waterfall's phone number?

    You can call Sotira's Waterfall at this phone number +355 69 353 8335

  • What is Sotira's Waterfall's location type?

    Sotira's Waterfall works in park

  • What is Sotira's Waterfall's rating?

    The rating that Sotira's Waterfall received from customers is 5

Sotira's Waterfall
Sotira's Waterfall
Sotira's Waterfall
Sotira's Waterfall
Sotira's Waterfall
Sotira's Waterfall
Sotira's Waterfall
Sotira's Waterfall
Sotira's Waterfall
Sotira's Waterfall
Ilaria Maugeri (08/12/2020)
A nice hike about 30-40 min from the village. The view was amazing and the water was nice (just watch out for snakes down in the rocks close to the waterfall in the summer, we saw two during our stay). A cute place for a picnic if it wasn't for the garbage the turists left scattered in the woods 👎🏻. The road to the village was mostly not paved, a 4x4 is recommended.
Blerta Smalaj (10/26/2020)
A beautiful and wild nature. Worth exploring !!
Maniola Pellumbi (06/22/2020)
It is an wonderful waterfall,clean water and amazing nature for hike,camp,and more.Love it.
Albens Bani (07/25/2020)
Amazing destination👌
Florenc Plaka (03/14/2020)
We went there on the 'Summer Day', FYI a national holiday. The weather was sunny, 16-18 degrees, so weather wise it was perfect. The last 8-10 km of the road are not asphalted and in a lot of places you will have to slow down and decide / observe where your tires should step. The road goes through a couple of villages, with the village of Sotire being the last before the waterfall. There are 2 small rivers creeks where you have to cross the riverbed to the other side to continue your trip, caution advised. From the village of Sotire, depending on what car you have and the condition of the creek (passable /not), about 1-1.5 km further are the waterfalls. A short steep climb for the last few minutes of your trip there will take you to a plateau/field from where the beautiful water falls fill the scenery. Plenty of place around to sit down for a picnic or a barbecue, scavenging wood from the small forests around, good place and space around for the children as well, but they should be kept supervised because there are plenty of steep places where you'd get really hurt if it were the case to fall down. From this field you are almost at the same level and have in front of you the spring of the waterfall on your left, also the biggest, with the water rushing out of the middle of the mountain in front of you, as if it is "leaking" from it. From there, you can go down to the base of the waterfalls and complete your mission (as in the case of my family) and take as many pictures as you can. :).
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