Address: Rrugica Jovan Spiro Kosturi, Korçë, Albania
Coordinate: 40.6175996, 20.7745109
Phone: +355 69 739 1010
Compound Code: JQ9F+2R Korçë, Albania
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Questions Related to O VANGOS

  • Where is O VANGOS's location?

    O VANGOS's location at: Rrugica Jovan Spiro Kosturi, Korçë, Albania

  • What is O VANGOS's phone number?

    You can call O VANGOS at this phone number +355 69 739 1010

  • What is O VANGOS's location type?

    O VANGOS works in restaurant

  • What is O VANGOS's rating?

    The rating that O VANGOS received from customers is 4

  • Where are the coordinates of O VANGOS?

    Latitude: 40.6175996
    Longitude: 20.7745109

  • Where is O VANGOS's location on Google maps?

    O VANGOS's location on Google maps is


O VANGOS is located at Rrugica Jovan Spiro Kosturi, Korçë, Albania with latitude 40.6175996 and longitude 20.7745109. O VANGOS works in the restaurant industry with a customer rating of 4

You can find more information about O VANGOS on their website or you can contact us at phone number +355 69 739 1010 so they can best serve you. Take a look at some of the customer reviews about their experience with O VANGOS



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What other say:

Ledjon (11/14/2020)
Not recommend it.
Максим Толмачев (07/15/2020)
A good establishment with a dozen tables. Fry meat on fire. I took a platter, just one at a time, washed it down with wine and brandy. The meat is delicious, whatever one may say, and it came out inexpensively. Wi-Fi is available, the service is fast. And they bring meat on wooden dice. Local people come here more often for pita. She's not bad here. Mine to you!)
Markus (09/19/2019)
Delicious snack. We once had pita with pork and once with poultry and on another evening pike from poultry and fries. Everything was very tasty. Nice service partly English, but the communication works.

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