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Nashos Camping is headquartered in Himare - Livadh Rd, Albania. Nashos Camping operates in the field of campground and is rated by customers as 4-stars on Google. You can find more information about Nashos Camping on their website or you can contact them by phone so they can best serve you. There are 50 campground - related places around Nashos Camping you can refer to below.

Questions Related to Nashos Camping
  • Where is Nashos Camping's location?

    Nashos Camping's location at: Himare - Livadh Rd, Albania

  • What is Nashos Camping's phone number?

    You can call Nashos Camping at this phone number +355 69 758 7833

  • What is Nashos Camping's location type?

    Nashos Camping works in campground

  • What is Nashos Camping's rating?

    The rating that Nashos Camping received from customers is 4

Nashos Camping
Nashos Camping
Nashos Camping
Nashos Camping
Nashos Camping
Nashos Camping
Nashos Camping
Nashos Camping
Nashos Camping
Nashos Camping
Bardha Çelaj (07/28/2020)
We had so much fun at Nasho’s. He is a great guy with a positive energy, great cooking skills and offers a great place to stay both bungalows and camping site! The beach is only 20 meters away. Nasho’s is also a place where you get to meet fellow tourists who could become your lifetime friends (true story). Prices are very affordable and I totally recommend it.
Murlan Jasiqi (07/28/2020)
Nasho is a super guy who runs a super place of bungalows and camping. Nashos deserves superlative words. He is chill, nice, kind and generous and is the best cook of grilled fish and seafood in general. His salads dressed in his homemade olive oil is something you must try! Apart from the restaurant, there is a camping site with full amenities. Nasho's also offers amazing newly built bungalows :) Me and my girlfriend are regulars and we definitely recommend Nasho's!
Grzegorz S (08/15/2019)
Good location close to the beach.
Olivera Osmeh (10/09/2018)
Nice place with a separate space for camp. Close to the beach, good ambient and Nachos is great host.
Hubert (08/23/2017)
The most beautiful beach in Albania (gravel though), water is crystal clear. Electricity for free, cozy place. I recommend eating in Vangjeli restaurant (350 m on north-west) - similar food and prices, but much, much better service.
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