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Mati River is headquartered in Mati River, Albania. Mati River operates in the field of library and is rated by customers as 5-stars on Google. You can find more information about Mati River on their website or you can contact them by phone so they can best serve you. There are 9 library - related places around Mati River you can refer to below.

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  • Where is Mati River's location?

    Mati River's location at: Mati River, Albania

  • What is Mati River's location type?

    Mati River works in library

  • What is Mati River's rating?

    The rating that Mati River received from customers is 5

Mati River
Mati River
Mati River
Mati River
Mati River
Mati River
Mati River
Mati River
Mati River
Mati River
Rrustem Haradinaj (11/14/2019)
Very good area.
Marjus Gjini (12/06/2018)
City Of Gaming (07/12/2020)
It's super Amazing
Diar (08/24/2018)
The Mat River originates from the mountain of Kaptina e Martaneshit. It has a length of 144 km, catchment area of ​​about 2 441 km2 and an average height of the basin of about 746 m. It flows to the west in the direction of the district of Mat, from where it takes its name, and to the northwest through the towns of Klos and Burrel. About 10 km from Burrel, it flows into a large reservoir (Lake Ulza). After passing through a hydroelectric dam, it flows through another smaller reservoir (Shkopet Lake) and forms a narrow gorge through the mountain range that separates the Mat district from the coastal plains. The average perennial flow of the Mat River into the outflow is 103 m3 / sec.
JL1 (JL2) (09/17/2018)
Amazingly beautiful
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