Address: Rruga Rilindja Voskopojare, Voskopojë, Albania
Coordinate: 40.6332112, 20.5898273
Phone: +355 864 50001
Compound Code: JHMQ+7W Voskopojë, Albania
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Questions Related to Komuna Voskopojë

  • Where is Komuna Voskopojë's location?

    Komuna Voskopojë's location at: Rruga Rilindja Voskopojare, Voskopojë, Albania

  • What is Komuna Voskopojë's phone number?

    You can call Komuna Voskopojë at this phone number +355 864 50001

  • What is Komuna Voskopojë's location type?

    Komuna Voskopojë works in local_government_office

  • What is Komuna Voskopojë's rating?

    The rating that Komuna Voskopojë received from customers is 4

  • Where are the coordinates of Komuna Voskopojë?

    Latitude: 40.6332112
    Longitude: 20.5898273

  • Where is Komuna Voskopojë's location on Google maps?

    Komuna Voskopojë's location on Google maps is

About Komuna Voskopojë

Komuna Voskopojë is located at Rruga Rilindja Voskopojare, Voskopojë, Albania with latitude 40.6332112 and longitude 20.5898273. Komuna Voskopojë works in the local_government_office industry with a customer rating of 4

You can find more information about Komuna Voskopojë on their website or you can contact us at phone number +355 864 50001 so they can best serve you. Take a look at some of the customer reviews about their experience with Komuna Voskopojë



Komuna Voskopojë
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What other say:

Agim Iljazi (07/04/2017)
Very beautiful, calm and cheap place.
Gipo (10/22/2019)
You need to better coordinate the work for churches to be open. Keep it open so people don't get bored otherwise they don't recommend it as a place. Anxhi does a great job. Try to educate people not to throw cigarette butts everywhere.
Mariusz Tyski (11/11/2017)
I will not judge each object individually, because there are really a lot of places that you can see ... The town has a really rich history and it was worth a look here all the more that tourism does not exist, although the road here has been completely renovated.

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