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Kakome Beach is headquartered in Kakome Beach, Delvinë District, Albania. Kakome Beach operates in the field of car_rental and is rated by customers as 4-stars on Google. You can find more information about Kakome Beach on their website or you can contact them by phone so they can best serve you. There are 86 car_rental - related places around Kakome Beach you can refer to below.

Questions Related to Kakome Beach
  • Where is Kakome Beach's location?

    Kakome Beach's location at: Kakome Beach, Delvinë District, Albania

  • What is Kakome Beach's website?

    You can find all information about Kakome Beach at their website at http://sarandaweb.net/manastiri-i-shen-merise-kakome/

  • What is Kakome Beach's location type?

    Kakome Beach works in car_rental

  • What is Kakome Beach's rating?

    The rating that Kakome Beach received from customers is 4

Kakome Beach
Kakome Beach
Kakome Beach
Kakome Beach
Kakome Beach
Kakome Beach
Kakome Beach
Kakome Beach
Kakome Beach
Kakome Beach
Nertil U. Qatja (08/12/2020)
Good place. Private place - Kakome Beach is a beach that is completely secluded in a bay. The surroundings are beautiful and green and the beach is totally deserted. Apart from a pier that you can jump off from, there is nothing to do which is why it is usually a nice and quiet place.
Martina Bohacova (06/28/2020)
We wanted to go there in the evening, only to swim after the trip. The guard didn't let us go the the beach, only to five o'clock! It was 17,10. The other cars were there. For me - dislike :-(
bjørn lefsdal (10/24/2019)
Do not support corruption in Albania. This is one of the places where they take your money with force by pretending that it is a private place. Krorez is better.
Gipo (10/05/2019)
Don’t support corruption! Go to Krorëza Bay by walking from Lukova instead. 1 hour walk.
Alberto Agosti (08/25/2019)
WARNING:2000 LEK PER COUPLE at the checkpoint 2kms before the beach. FAIR-PLAY is paramount if you want to promote tourism so "PRIVATE PAYING BEACH" should be written on the road board on the highway. SOLUTION👉 Drive to Luckovë (free beach)
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