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Hotel Jaroal is headquartered in Rruga Butrinti, Sarandë, Albania. Hotel Jaroal operates in the field of car_rental and is rated by customers as 4-stars on Google. You can find more information about Hotel Jaroal on their website or you can contact them by phone so they can best serve you. There are 86 car_rental - related places around Hotel Jaroal you can refer to below.

Questions Related to Hotel Jaroal
  • Where is Hotel Jaroal's location?

    Hotel Jaroal's location at: Rruga Butrinti, Sarandë, Albania

  • What is Hotel Jaroal's website?

    You can find all information about Hotel Jaroal at their website at

  • What is Hotel Jaroal's location type?

    Hotel Jaroal works in car_rental

  • What is Hotel Jaroal's rating?

    The rating that Hotel Jaroal received from customers is 4

Hotel Jaroal
Hotel Jaroal
Hotel Jaroal
Hotel Jaroal
Hotel Jaroal
Hotel Jaroal
Hotel Jaroal
Hotel Jaroal
Hotel Jaroal
Hotel Jaroal
István Nagy (05/03/2019)
The center of the cosmos lies. He was out of order, everything was very new. There is no big choice for breakfast, but one day it was. The sculpture of the room is wonderful, - 1 room was in the room, in the evening it can sleep in the moor.
Kurt Anker (09/09/2018)
The hotel is small and not that old. Here is relatively quiet despite rumbling discos a little down the street. The beach is super (remember bathing shoes) and there are sun loungers for everyone - they can even be reserved. The rooms are bright and reasonable in size. Everyone is sweet and friendly. The restaurant is on the better end. Breakfast is eaten in the restaurant. Many complain about the Internet but we have not had the big problems. Ordinary data via the telephone network can be retrieved from Greece, ie EU Roaming 😉 If I have to put a finger on something, it's the cleaning of the rooms. It's not quite at the top.
מרלן אהרוני (07/28/2019)
Excellent location on the sea, clean and large rooms
Ben De (07/20/2018)
The breakfast is not really of much choice. The service a little sluggish. This year prices are also attracted, but without added value. For very clean and great location. The hotel's beach should be improved. There is still a lot of potential.
Farschid Zezula (09/16/2019)
Nice rooms
10 Photos
5 Reviews
4 Rating
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