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Hotel Europa is headquartered in Albania, Durrës, Pavaresia Street, Plazh, 27/104+1-1. Hotel Europa operates in the field of spa and is rated by customers as 4-stars on Google. You can find more information about Hotel Europa on their website or you can contact them by phone so they can best serve you. There are 19 spa - related places around Hotel Europa you can refer to below.

Questions Related to Hotel Europa
  • Where is Hotel Europa's location?

    Hotel Europa's location at: Albania, Durrës, Pavaresia Street, Plazh, 27/104+1-1

  • What is Hotel Europa's phone number?

    You can call Hotel Europa at this phone number +355 69 567 6987

  • What is Hotel Europa's location type?

    Hotel Europa works in spa

  • What is Hotel Europa's rating?

    The rating that Hotel Europa received from customers is 4

Hotel Europa
Hotel Europa
Hotel Europa
Hotel Europa
Hotel Europa
Hotel Europa
Hotel Europa
Hotel Europa
Hotel Europa
Dzengis Elmazi (04/10/2018)
It was a great experience being a guest of this hotel. All, beginning from ther owner of the hotel, housekeeping ladies and all the employed were very kind and pleasant. I would strongly recommend anyone that wanna have a good, safe and realxing vacation to definatelly book a room at this hotel.
Endrit EK (08/02/2017)
It is not a hotel or a private apartment that is not worth it to be with family year I go and have a bad time This owner is a psycho man who controls in hidden camera rooms does not allow you to be free to enjoy the break I begged you all I'm out of this hotel because there's everything checked out of the bad habit This idiot gets caught up in the dressing rooms, the whole psychopath is the alarm do not go to This man
Pajtim Ramani (01/08/2019)
Bulent Imeroski (08/20/2017)
Bani Koleci (08/06/2018)
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