Address: Rruga Spiro Ballkameni, Korçë 7003, Albania
Coordinate: 40.6154351, 20.7810947
Phone: +355 67 200 5015
Compound Code: JQ8J+5C Korçë, Albania
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Monday: Open 24 hours
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Hotel Bujtina e Bardhe
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Marc Annaert (09/14/2019)
Very nice hotel. Quiet location in the centre of Korce. On arrival the host of the hotel gave lots of info about the town and made reservation for a very nice restaurant. The breakfast was also super.
Янак Софт (01/03/2020)
The best place to stay if you want to be in the middle of Korce! Behind the Cathedral on 2-3 minutes walk to the best restaurants, shops and Korca sightseeings. If you're a beer lover - do not miss Korca Brewery - 25 minutes walk. On this way you can visit at least 2-3 museums, churches etc
J Lin (08/01/2019)
Although we only stayed in Korce for one night the staff at the hotel did their best to point out what we shouldn't miss, giving us suggestions for where to eat and some highlights of the town. The hotel's location is wonderfully central (right behind the Orthodox cathedral) and the archaeological museum is just steps away, with the museum of medieval art just a little further, so that you're really in quite a good place to walk the town (we ended up also going up to Mborje on foot and leaving our bags before heading out the next day). The rooms were clean and comfortably appointed -- for longer stays, a double might be a little cramped if you are traveling with significant luggage but for us we had everything we needed (including a fan and stable Internet), the compact space was well organized, and the staff made sure we knew they were available if we had any issues. The next morning, the breakfast spread was lovely and we were impressed by how patiently the gentlemen behind the bar tried to find Albanian music to play for a guest who was not entirely clear in what she was looking for (in the end it turns out she was looking for isopolyphonic music).
p b (01/14/2018)
Super!!! Best hotel ever, very friendly personnel and affordable prices! Location is perfect, in the heart of the Korça’s City. Can’t wait to go back. ;)
Sylvain Chambard (07/02/2018)
Very good hotel in the center of the town. Good english and very friendly contact. The rooms are very clean and practice. Breakfast +++++

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