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Hotel Ballkan is headquartered in Durrës, Albania. Hotel Ballkan operates in the field of lodging and is rated by customers as 3-stars on Google. You can find more information about Hotel Ballkan on their website or you can contact them by phone so they can best serve you. There are 273 lodging - related places around Hotel Ballkan you can refer to below.

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  • Where is Hotel Ballkan's location?

    Hotel Ballkan's location at: Durrës, Albania

  • What is Hotel Ballkan's location type?

    Hotel Ballkan works in lodging

  • What is Hotel Ballkan's rating?

    The rating that Hotel Ballkan received from customers is 3

Hotel Ballkan
Hotel Ballkan
Hotel Ballkan
Hotel Ballkan
Hotel Ballkan
Hotel Ballkan
Hotel Ballkan
Hotel Ballkan
Hotel Ballkan
Hotel Ballkan
Edin Berisha (09/02/2018)
Good place with good rooms but the beach too far
Aleksandar Kolev (08/08/2018)
The hotel is very dirty and the wifi doesn't work. The only good thing is the food.
Sotir Taleski (11/24/2018)
Good offer for the price
A X (09/02/2018)
Don't go there!
dana tirica (08/10/2019)
Hello, this summer we decided to spend our holidays in Albania, we made the booking through the agency and we were accommodated at the villa Kliven in Durres. I left here with motor cars the road was quite long considering that I stayed at customs for an hour-two, but I mention that from an organizational point of view it was ok. The villa looks good, in the system as in the Greeks but without the kitchen, the room ok, in the bathroom layout was a horror, the shower did not have a cabin and all the water flowed on the floor, the siphon did not take it and every time you had to gather it with the mop. Otherwise the resort is in development, for all pockets, the beach quite wide and long, the lounge chairs at 2.5 - 5 euros (2) price acceptable to us. Restaurants and terraces next to each other, you can choose at good prices. We ate most of the time and lunch and dinner at Brumar, a restaurant. With the terrace, nice with good food, we tried almost everything they had on the menu. The guests were promising and they knew all the English. in which you ordered a brandy, a tonic gin with kinley, two menus of choice and a salad, I would say that one plus one glass of wine was not more than 20 euros. You could pay in euros in their currency, they were correct with the exchange. The pastry products f. good and cheap, baclava and kataif f .bun.Mediterranean as everyone knows with a nice bread, after the meal came the seagrass, I saw some jellyfish brought to the shore. One by one we just relaxed because we needed it. I want to specify for those who want to go that for cars is a problem with parking.
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