Address: Rruga Mihal Komnena Gate of Pashas Street Dr Lluka Muca Berat, Berat 5001, Albania
Coordinate: 40.7067888, 19.9515763
Phone: +355 69 695 2077
Compound Code: PX42+PJ Berat, Albania
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Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
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Sunday: Open 24 hours


Guest House Baba Lluka
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What other say:

Donna Peters (09/03/2019)
Best hosts we have had in Albania. Room was spotless and very close to all top sights. Breakfast was very filling! Would recommend.
phoebe bright (11/15/2018)
The host is really very extremely kind ! They are welcoming ‼️ I had really comfortable days at the guest house. Its breakfast is also really nice! +clean room and bathroom +great location(although it's on the middle of hill, the host helped to move my luggage)
Daniela Rojas (08/11/2017)
While travelling for 6 months in the Balkans, Baba Lluka is one of the highlights of my trip. The host and his family are really friendly, the rooms are full of light and decorated with simple and good taste and it is spotless and it was one of the best views of the town from the balcony. You also can have the experience of trying the home made feast prepared at home, which was not only much better than the best rated restaurants in the town, but also cheaper. The host is also great at helping you understanding the complicated history of Albania
Thomas Löwer (08/31/2018)
+ Clean room and bathroom (shared with another room) + Welcoming and helpful host + Delicious and fresh breakfast + Central Highly recommended. I would also recommend having a dinner at this place. Cost around EUR 7.5 (938 Lek, including wine and beer).
Pavlina Gjergo (09/09/2017)
We had a wonderful time in this guest house.The moment we arrived we were warmly welcomed by nice people, who gave us delicious homemade cherry jam and traditional drinks. The rooms were very clean, spacious, and rustic and the view of old houses of Berat was amazing. My nephew watched the owner carving a piece of wood into a mirrored image of Berat. I would definitely recommend it to any people who want to visit Berat

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