Address: Rr. Brigada VIII, Shkalla 26, Apartament 404 Tirane, Tiranë 1019, Albania
Coordinate: 41.3220924, 19.8155365
Phone: +355 68 202 3331
Compound Code: 8RC8+R6 Tirana, Albania
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Opening hours :
Monday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM
Friday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM
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Dr Rudina Thanasi - Dermatolog - Venerolog
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Ilda Koci (10/01/2020)
Excellent doctor and scientist. I ve been consulting Dr.Rudina for more then 15 years now, for different skin conditions and more widely, and I have strongly suggested her to my friends and family. We should be really proud to have Dr.Rudina in Tirana.
jeta l. (02/17/2017)
Amazing doctor! I first saw her for acne conglobata ( severe form of acne) and she gave me a whole treatment plan which wasn’t just about medications,chemical peelings but also she talked about moisturizers & sunscreens to try.My skin has never looked so good! Definately worth it!! Dr.Rudina has a great personality that make you comfortable no matter what skin issue you may suffer from.I would highly recommend my friends and family to see her if they are in need of a dermatologist!
Colitv (01/15/2019)
I woyld rate it at one star since the doctor doesnt like what he does he only likes the money and will not do a clean job anyway i wish they would try a bit better
ermal mici (01/10/2017)
Amazing Dermatologist!Super talented scientist!!!!
9,999,998 views (04/09/2019)
Doctor Rudina is the best expert in cosmetic dermatology in Albania. I personally have been in many dermatologists to treat acne that has been a horror for me for 12 years of my life. During these years I have been in all dermatologists in Tirana sps there are also considered the best. I have been to Venus clinic, Vivia clinic, Medone clinic, Aderma clinic I treated the acne more and more difficult and the problem with post acne marks led to the cattery of deep pits. In one of the clinics I applied peeling with high percentage of tca and with it remained many signs even in areas that had never had acne. My skin texture became like orange peel. I went to one of the clinics to address the problem of texture that left peeling and acne together At that clinic I gave only lotions and did some acidic glycolic acid peeling sessions which was a very superficial treatment and did not give me any effect on the treatment and the signs that were too deep. A real disappointment with all dermatologists .. I instagram some of Dr. Rudine's work and the preparation that she had in dermocosmetic sps had worked with dermocosmetic father sps as information on google. I decided to go to her clinic and at the moment I met she made it known that she would be the last dermatologist in Albania to visit my sps. After seeing my doctor's face, he gave me just three facials and nothing else. And I decided to start 6 deep peeling sessions. I was very frightened. I knew the procedure went badly like the other clinic. So the doctor told me there are 0 chances that the procedure goes wrong. I did the peeling procedure. Which went very well during the realization. But now I was waiting for the procedure to go with me. The doctors gave me a cream that had invented itself. This cream was applied in the morning and in the evening to weaken the skin of the skin. Sps under normal conditions the upper skin becomes brown and crusty. But this cream did not seem to have spotted the peeling sps to the maximum and did not affect the healing. The glitter lasted for 4 days and not 7 days as it is normally. I must emphasize that this treatment has not had facial edema I did not have terrible redness I have not had the plasma outlet from the skin sps acid that the doctor does not have any doctor in Albania. Peelingu applied to me with gauze and not with a brush. Also in different parts of the skin acid was applied in different ways. The amount of acid was otherwise applied in bales differently to the sides and otherwise to the beard and the neck. When I asked the doctor to apply more acid to the area below the neck sps I had a post-peeling sign from the other clinic, she told me that I apply as much as it allows the skin sps me md tells the skin itself how much should I apply. I made 6 sessions more successfully one after the other for 6 weeks and the results were very large sps me decreased cycayricas and large pores directly affecting the texture. The hand-held peeling hair was made mesolife where in the age it applied the vitalizing solution directly among the cuttings to scratch. After the mesolifice, the face is white with brilliant and very soft. And I have only been in session for now every three weeks will be the other sessions. My dream is to be beautiful and to feel beautiful in my spell after 12 years of depression because I could not find a solution. Dr. Rudina is a blessed person in my life and I wish you have the same problem as my job to find a solution