Address: Voskopojë, Albania
Coordinate: 40.6334202, 20.5903875
Compound Code: JHMR+95 Voskopojë, Albania
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Questions Related to Dormition Church, Sopik

  • Where is Dormition Church, Sopik's location?

    Dormition Church, Sopik's location at: Voskopojë, Albania

  • What is Dormition Church, Sopik's location type?

    Dormition Church, Sopik works in church

  • What is Dormition Church, Sopik's rating?

    The rating that Dormition Church, Sopik received from customers is 5

  • Where are the coordinates of Dormition Church, Sopik?

    Latitude: 40.6334202
    Longitude: 20.5903875

  • Where is Dormition Church, Sopik's location on Google maps?

    Dormition Church, Sopik's location on Google maps is

About Dormition Church, Sopik

Dormition Church, Sopik is located at Voskopojë, Albania with latitude 40.6334202 and longitude 20.5903875. Dormition Church, Sopik works in the church industry with a customer rating of 5

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Dormition Church, Sopik
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thearchitectzone (07/16/2018)
St. Mary's Church also known as Dormition of the Holy Virgin Church is an Orthodox church in Moscopole, Korçë County, Albania. It is a Cultural Monument of Albania.The church was probably built between 1694 and 1699, and decorated in 1712
Arban Shehu (03/07/2019)
Voskopoja is a municipality located about 21 km away from the city of Korça on a plateau 1160 meters above sea level. Voskopoja was a developed cultural center founded in 1330, made up of Albanians, Aromanians and Greeks. In Voskopoja the second printing press was set up in the Ottoman Empire (after that in Constantinople), the New Academy was established, an orphanage (the first in the post-Byzantine world), a hospital and 24-30 unique churches. Anastas Kavaljoti was the one who was supposed to prepare the first Albanian alphabet, even wrote some treatises but were missing.