Address: Rruga Mbledhja e Beratit, Korçë, Albania
Coordinate: 40.6195349, 20.7845874
Phone: +355 69 816 1616
Compound Code: JQ9M+RR Korçë, Albania
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Monday: Open 24 hours
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Bujtina Sidheri
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What other say:

B S (12/19/2020)
Unfortunately our experience wasn’t the best We stayed for 1 night and the service was slow over dinner and the owner was really rude.The breakfast was very disappointing as they served us uncooked pancakes .We booked 3 weeks in advance for 2 nights and when we showed up there they said that there was a mistake and we only had a booking for 1 night also the rooms were not the best as there was no hot water to shower and couldn’t sleep because of the termites. Definitely not going back anymore..
Nereida Fidhi (12/26/2020)
It was 26 of Dec 2020. Worst experience.. have spoken great place and great food...for that place of which we were thinking too but the outcome was very poor food for 17 people and the bill too high of approx. 27 k All. Finally we ended up having lunch again nonetheless the negative experience was remained....
Marjeta Ustalli (12/27/2020)
It's a really wonderful place the waiter's are awesome and warm people with full hearted and welcoming faces that you will just adore. The service is really good. The food is absolutely delicious and carefully made, I'd come to eat again for sure. The "lakror", kaneloni, and the meat was unique. This was definitely a positive experience. I have only beautiful words for this cozy and sweet place, just wonderful, come and visit it. Highly recommend!
Danjel Biturku (01/01/2021)
Never suggest again anyone. Service slow. Overpriced, we were promised to have individual full menu new year plate and we finished to be served group plates and charged for individual plates. Even some salat promised in menu never arrived. Some customer come after me and were served earlier. But food was good but not all what we paid
Elton Loshi (01/02/2021)
It's not worthy tp stat at this hotel. Thete is no hot water in the room to shower, and still you pay the full amount, and don't get even an apology. There is no proper welcoming. The parking was not available. The breakfast was no good. I will definitely not stay at this place anymore.

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