Address: Maminas, Albania
Coordinate: 41.3754077, 19.6070123
Compound Code: 9JG4+5R Maminas, Albania
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Questions Related to Bar Restorant Xhardino

  • Where is Bar Restorant Xhardino's location?

    Bar Restorant Xhardino's location at: Maminas, Albania

  • What is Bar Restorant Xhardino's location type?

    Bar Restorant Xhardino works in restaurant

  • What is Bar Restorant Xhardino's rating?

    The rating that Bar Restorant Xhardino received from customers is 4

  • Where are the coordinates of Bar Restorant Xhardino?

    Latitude: 41.3754077
    Longitude: 19.6070123

  • Where is Bar Restorant Xhardino's location on Google maps?

    Bar Restorant Xhardino's location on Google maps is

About Bar Restorant Xhardino

Bar Restorant Xhardino is located at Maminas, Albania with latitude 41.3754077 and longitude 19.6070123. Bar Restorant Xhardino works in the restaurant industry with a customer rating of 4

You can find more information about Bar Restorant Xhardino on their website or you can contact us at phone number so they can best serve you. Take a look at some of the customer reviews about their experience with Bar Restorant Xhardino



Bar Restorant Xhardino
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What other say:

AMS AL (11/20/2017)
and a huge time-suck, but it’s for the most part how it is.
viktor lleshi (08/20/2019)
Very nice this place
Zemrite Hereni (06/10/2018)
Great service and staff.
Commelit Srls (11/20/2017)

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