Address: Laguna e Vainit, Ishull-Lezhë AL, 4501, Albania
Coordinate: 41.7370117, 19.5798637
Phone: +355 68 254 6177
Compound Code: PHPH+RW Tale, Albania
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Questions Related to Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain

  • Where is Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain's location?

    Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain's location at: Laguna e Vainit, Ishull-Lezhë AL, 4501, Albania

  • What is Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain's phone number?

    You can call Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain at this phone number +355 68 254 6177

  • What is Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain's website?

    You can find all information about Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain at their website at

  • What is Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain's location type?

    Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain works in restaurant

  • What is Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain's rating?

    The rating that Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain received from customers is 1

  • Where are the coordinates of Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain?

    Latitude: 41.7370117
    Longitude: 19.5798637

  • Where is Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain's location on Google maps?

    Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain's location on Google maps is

About Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain

Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain is located at Laguna e Vainit, Ishull-Lezhë AL, 4501, Albania with latitude 41.7370117 and longitude 19.5798637. Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain works in the restaurant industry with a customer rating of 1

You can find more information about Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain on their website or you can contact us at phone number +355 68 254 6177 so they can best serve you. Take a look at some of the customer reviews about their experience with Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain



Bar-Restorant "Lagunabluvain
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What other say:

Artur Hołdasiewicz (08/02/2019)
Been there with a group of friends. The dish I ordered was undercooked, and little bit unseasoned.. Not great, not terrible, but I do not recommend visiting this place at all. Behaviour of their staff was indeed terrible. They dumped their sewage and waste into nearby lake, and tortured sea animals for fun, all of this on the area of national park. Absolutely Barbaric.
Krzysztof G. (08/01/2019)
So, a friend of mine told me about the "not-so-kind" ways of treating local wild life by the staff of this establishment. And we're not even talking about animals that would be used for preparing meals, no. We're talking about workers being cruel to innocent critters, just as a way to amuse themselves. So, if you're around and plan on visiting this place, make sure to let them know how you feel about their ways of handling living beings. Oh, and don't tip them.
julius panimdim Vlogs (08/01/2019)
A good friend of mine had experienced a terrible situation that dealt with animal cruelty just outside this restaurant. As this individual made it known to the restaurant as well as to its customers of the situation, nothing was done to fix the issue. I do not recommend this restaurant as they show lack of concern and sympathy to its customers, resources and existing issues.
staplerbass (08/05/2019)
You kill animals just for fun, in the bounds of a national park, so I will give you one star, just for fun.
Kinga Iwaszko (08/01/2019)
I was on the beach next to Lagunabluvain. I was walking along the sea shore and at one point I found a large group of crabs lying on the beach, dying. I wondered what had happened to them, because my first reaction was that I wanted to help them. After witnessing this, it turned out that in front of me there were a few young people with long spears stabbing multiple crabs. They didn't want to eat them. They were not being harvested for food and were left half alive on the beach and continued to kill others. These individuals seemed unfazed with their doings. I attempted to stop and question their actions, but was unsuccessful, as they continued with this activity. This is a landscape park area, so I decided to ask the local people there if this is legal. I had made my way to Lagunabluvain. It turned out that it was run by a family of people who killed crabs. However, despite the fact that they were older than them and should have reacted somehow, they just laughed and were not interested in this action. It was a very unpleasant experience. I don't recommend this place and do not support the business of people who treat nature in this way.

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