Autogrill Eri Oil
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Autogrill Eri Oil is headquartered in A1, Fush-Mamurras, Albania. Autogrill Eri Oil operates in the field of gas_station and is rated by customers as 4-stars on Google. You can find more information about Autogrill Eri Oil on their website or you can contact them by phone so they can best serve you. There are 54 gas_station - related places around Autogrill Eri Oil you can refer to below.

Questions Related to Autogrill Eri Oil
  • Where is Autogrill Eri Oil's location?

    Autogrill Eri Oil's location at: A1, Fush-Mamurras, Albania

  • What is Autogrill Eri Oil's phone number?

    You can call Autogrill Eri Oil at this phone number +355 69 209 4879

  • What is Autogrill Eri Oil's location type?

    Autogrill Eri Oil works in gas_station

  • What is Autogrill Eri Oil's rating?

    The rating that Autogrill Eri Oil received from customers is 4

Autogrill Eri Oil
Autogrill Eri Oil
Autogrill Eri Oil
Autogrill Eri Oil
Autogrill Eri Oil
Abby Phone (08/23/2019)
If i could give them " -0 " - i would. The waiter overcharged us for our coffees. I understand that as tourists we will pay extra for many things but the price we paid for 2 coffees was ridiculous- 5 euros for two expresso coffees in Albania!!! And he refused to issue us a receipt, pretending not to be able to speak English when in fact he spoke English well with my friend prior to us asking for a receipt. I am not sure if the owner knows of this type of behavior and overcharging tourists like this but the customers should be weary. Foreign tourists should ask for their menu and / or pricing before orderingor they may end up being overcharged. I do not recomend this place for food/ drinks.
Admir Shytaj (01/14/2017)
Very good
reshat mala (12/27/2019)
For road breaks, you have it all in a bit
Dragan Tadić (09/18/2017)
Orderly. Friendly staff. Due to the regulated environment and architecture have the feeling that you are in Italy, and not in Albania. Otherwise, Albania is an extremely beautiful country.
Richard Berendsen (05/19/2017)
Luxuriously furnished and with a large terrace outside. Large parking lot and some staff members understand French and English.
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