Address: Rruga Shyqyri Ali Merka, Vlorë, Albania
Coordinate: 40.4525389, 19.488813
Compound Code: FF3Q+2G Vlorë, Albania
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Questions Related to Apartments Julia

  • Where is Apartments Julia's location?

    Apartments Julia's location at: Rruga Shyqyri Ali Merka, Vlorë, Albania

  • What is Apartments Julia's location type?

    Apartments Julia works in lodging

  • What is Apartments Julia's rating?

    The rating that Apartments Julia received from customers is 4

  • Where are the coordinates of Apartments Julia?

    Latitude: 40.4525389
    Longitude: 19.488813

  • Where is Apartments Julia's location on Google maps?

    Apartments Julia's location on Google maps is

About Apartments Julia

Apartments Julia is located at Rruga Shyqyri Ali Merka, Vlorë, Albania with latitude 40.4525389 and longitude 19.488813. Apartments Julia works in the lodging industry with a customer rating of 4

You can find more information about Apartments Julia on their website or you can contact us at phone number so they can best serve you. Take a look at some of the customer reviews about their experience with Apartments Julia



Apartments Julia
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What other say:

Mitko Jovanov (09/19/2020)
Nervous host, confused stuff, room use limitations, noisy neighborhood (apartment settled between twe busy streets), scary hallways... You'd better look around.
Елена Молибошко (01/22/2021)
I rested in these apartments in September 2020 for a whole month. Full delight! Cozy, bright and clean apartment, equipped with everything you need, the entrance is clean, the neighbors are very friendly, the elevator worked constantly. I also want to note the excellent location of this apartment: the city center, but not a noisy, magnificent restaurant of national cuisine in the next house, there is also a supermarket and a store with fresh fish, and the beach is 5 minutes away! I was very pleased with the fact that the windows and the balcony overlooked the courtyard, the mountains in the morning sun are incredibly picturesque, and in the evening it protected me from the noise of the walking city.
Unik Packaging (03/04/2020)
Rested in Vlore at the end of September 2019. The location of the apartment is perfect! One way from the house is the beach, the beginning of the Lungo Mare promenade, about 7-10 minutes walk to the beginning of the sandy shore. Along the promenade are many cafes and restaurants for every taste and budget, supermarkets. Beautiful views, the mountains are fascinating. To the other side of the house is the central boulevard with clothing stores and restaurants. Market with farm products - about 15 min. walk along the boulevard. There is a grocery store right in the house. Everything nearby is a pharmacy, bakery, coffee shop, ice cream. The apartment is new, comfortable, bright, large balcony. The windows overlook the courtyard, no noise disturbed. Air conditioning in every room. Everything you need in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Bed linens and towels were in the apartment. There is a washing machine, iron, ironing board. I liked everything, even nothing to add! The area is civilized and safe. Already planned to return there this year. Recommend!
Lola Bond (01/28/2020)
In January 2020, I rented this apartment for employees in Vlora - a very convenient location. You are in the center, and the sea is across the road. The beaches of the Adriatic are 150 m. A very good city for living and recreation. The staff were delighted. Everything in the apartment is provided for rent: household appliances, new furniture. Cozy and clean. Large bathroom with shower. We recommend the apartment - you will like it, I'm sure!

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