Address: Darul-Malemin road Kandahar, Kandahar 0093, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 31.6156284, 65.7377988
Phone: +93 70 030 3054
Compound Code: JP8Q+74 Kandahar, Afghanistan
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WESA Academy
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What other say:

Mirwais Alizai (01/09/2021)
Good environment for our children education quality. I appreciate that we have schools like wesa academy. We proud of our city Kandahar.
Emroo Photos (02/04/2020)
Such a great academy in all over the Afghanistan 🇦🇫. I'm really feeling happy to have academy like WESA in Afghanistan. Quality Education, Best Staff, Good Environment and Much more facilities. 🙏
Eimal Afghan (01/29/2020)
I have heard many good things about WESA Academy from my Kandahari friends whose children are enrolled here. The facilities that WESA academy has for its students are with good quality and high standards. Best of luck for the future endeavor of WESA Academy.
Israr Ahmad Khan (02/03/2020)
I visited WESA Academy last year. I loved the friendly and innovative environment there. I was amazed with the quality of education that WESA Academy provides. Hands down one of the best schools in Kandahar.
younas weyar (02/04/2020)
WESA Academy is a standard and well mangaed educational institution in Kandahar. I wish the administration and the students all the best in their future.

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