Address: Kabul, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 34.5230177, 69.1999002
Compound Code: G5FX+6X Kabul, Afghanistan
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Questions Related to Meli Bus Square

  • Where is Meli Bus Square's location?

    Meli Bus Square's location at: Kabul, Afghanistan

  • What is Meli Bus Square's location type?

    Meli Bus Square works in church

  • Where are the coordinates of Meli Bus Square?

    Latitude: 34.5230177
    Longitude: 69.1999002

  • Where is Meli Bus Square's location on Google maps?

    Meli Bus Square's location on Google maps is

About Meli Bus Square

Meli Bus Square is located at Kabul, Afghanistan with latitude 34.5230177 and longitude 69.1999002. Meli Bus Square works in the church industry

You can find more information about Meli Bus Square on their website or you can contact us at phone number so they can best serve you. Take a look at some of the customer reviews about their experience with Meli Bus Square


Church at Parwan:

Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan (ICA)
Naser Khusraw Balkhi Building Sarsabzi Square, Taimani Rd, Kabol, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 34.5547935, 69.1417453
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Church at Sayyid Khēl:

داود خان څلورلارې
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Parwan, Afghanistan
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Meli Bus Square
Kabul, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 34.5230177, 69.1999002
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Kabul, Afghanistan
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