Address: Ghazni, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 33.5535554, 68.4235811
Phone: +93 79 950 3445
Compound Code: HC3F+CC Ghazni, Afghanistan
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Alariffii (11/14/2019)
One of the best mosque in ghazni and one of the biggest of them all
Ahmad Fareed Ghawsi (11/17/2019)
A beautiful Masjid in the heart of Ghazni
Naqib Sarwary (07/23/2019)
Khatm-ul Mursaleen is the largest Sunni mosque located in the north-east of Ghazni City. During Ramadan Iftar is being served in the mosque and all five times prayers including Juma and Eid prayers are held in this mosque. This mosque, as any other mosque of city, also serves funeral services. It also provides religious studies to local community and youth. If you aim to visit as a tourist, it is vital to have a local accompany you throughout your visit in the city. Extreme level of caution is necessary.
Noor Ullah (04/13/2019)
Love him
Deepanshu Baisoya (11/03/2019)

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