Address: Mitarlam, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 34.6632639, 70.2072937
Compound Code: M674+8W Mitarlam, Afghanistan
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Jamie Masjid
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Haseeb Afghan (09/07/2018)
He's not going out of clans and I will see you tomorrow at work and a little bit I A the next day I was my in Laghma you are doing you married I am going back and I have a lot of work to work on my friend account and it in Laghman I have to you can you please draw this am and I will see you tomorrow at work and a little bit I have been working in Laghma to you can do that for you and I will see you tomorrow morning at the latest so nice
Sayed Noorullah Hashimi (02/05/2019)
This is very beautiful place
Aminullah Mohammadi (01/25/2019)

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