Address: Gardez, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 33.6002042, 69.2290373
Compound Code: J62H+3J Gardez, Afghanistan
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Questions Related to Itefaq Market

  • Where is Itefaq Market's location?

    Itefaq Market's location at: Gardez, Afghanistan

  • What is Itefaq Market's location type?

    Itefaq Market works in shopping_mall

  • What is Itefaq Market's rating?

    The rating that Itefaq Market received from customers is 3

  • Where are the coordinates of Itefaq Market?

    Latitude: 33.6002042
    Longitude: 69.2290373

  • Where is Itefaq Market's location on Google maps?

    Itefaq Market's location on Google maps is

About Itefaq Market

Itefaq Market is located at Gardez, Afghanistan with latitude 33.6002042 and longitude 69.2290373. Itefaq Market works in the shopping_mall industry with a customer rating of 3

You can find more information about Itefaq Market on their website or you can contact us at phone number so they can best serve you. Take a look at some of the customer reviews about their experience with Itefaq Market


What other say:

Hamidullah Hamdard (07/17/2018)
This is the shopping center of mobiles phones, sims, flashes, cd, computers, cloths, shoes, etc
Khetab Atal (03/16/2019)
very good

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