Address: 1 Awali May Rd, Kabol, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 34.5381554, 69.2084564
Compound Code: G6Q5+79 Kabul, Afghanistan
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محیطا ربانی نژاد (09/06/2017)
It is a great place to learn about technology
Mahboob Panjdhiri (06/09/2017)
Where are you wild deer? You introduced me to several Two single and two wandering two boxes The ambush lurks before and after Let's know each other Let us also seek what we can I see that this plain is disturbing There is no good pasture That will tell you, comrades Stranger friend of the stranger Unless Khadr Mubarak realizes In Yemen, its open Unless it's enough time to come That came to my mind tomorrow That's how I remember Pierre Dana I never forgot, never really Someday Away In The Territory Thank you Randy for driving What are you looking for in the storehouse Come on, you have a cattle feeder I said, "I have a trap." But Simorgh I have to hunt Tell me because he showed it to Ari That is without us their nests Cho Anu went to the convoy Cho horns to watch May cup and miss flower But don't forget my head The fountain head and the side look Nam tear and talk to yourself What weight do I need to make this flour That the sun was enriched by the bag maker Remembered and loved Agree with the spring cloud It was so ruthlessly razor-sharp It was as if it were not familiarity Chu Nolan came to run water To help forgive the water you see He did not tolerate that old companion Muslims Muslims Muslims Unless Khadr Mubarak can That only made it so You go through the gem of a donkey Don't shame on me Chu I fishes a logo with a typewriter You ask the bread and butter of interpretation I blended psychedelic with wisdom I killed the egg that had been produced There is some fascination with this combination That is the essence of poetry and the brain of the components Come on blush this hope Eternal fragrance maker John That is the navel of China's pocket Not the deer that are from the people Dear friends, know each other Chu's description is clear This is the advice articles That is the throne of Hijran in ambush

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