Address: Unnamed Road, غزني، Afghanistan
Coordinate: 33.540786, 68.4154883
Compound Code: GCR8+85 Ghazni, Afghanistan
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Chief burger
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Naqib Sarwary (07/25/2019)
Chief Burger has been around since 2015 in Ghazni City. The food it provides is great. It is one of the very few fast food places that serves non-Afghan food, especially Pizza etc. Smoothies here are great to try.
Hamdullah Samadi (10/20/2019)
Will rate it only 3 stars for not being professional
Shareq Mushtaq (07/10/2018)
It's good for city like Ghazni
Abdul Hameed (04/22/2019)
So good
Farhadullah Ahmadzai (03/13/2018)
For first time there is a fast food restaurant in Ghazni.

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