Address: Bamyan, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 34.8355872, 67.7815954
Compound Code: RQPJ+6J Bamyan, Afghanistan
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Questions Related to Chehil-Borj Hotel

  • Where is Chehil-Borj Hotel's location?

    Chehil-Borj Hotel's location at: Bamyan, Afghanistan

  • What is Chehil-Borj Hotel's location type?

    Chehil-Borj Hotel works in lodging

  • Where are the coordinates of Chehil-Borj Hotel?

    Latitude: 34.8355872
    Longitude: 67.7815954

  • Where is Chehil-Borj Hotel's location on Google maps?

    Chehil-Borj Hotel's location on Google maps is

About Chehil-Borj Hotel

Chehil-Borj Hotel is located at Bamyan, Afghanistan with latitude 34.8355872 and longitude 67.7815954. Chehil-Borj Hotel works in the lodging industry

You can find more information about Chehil-Borj Hotel on their website or you can contact us at phone number so they can best serve you. Take a look at some of the customer reviews about their experience with Chehil-Borj Hotel


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