Address: Band-e Amir, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 34.8219044, 67.1894051
Compound Code: R5CQ+QQ Yakawlang, Afghanistan
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Band-e Amir Camping Area and Parking
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Hamid Sepehr (08/03/2020)
Amazing place, full of natural beauty and fresh air. The tempreature is very low at night so do bring some warm cloths. Also to prevent sun burning do use the proper cream. We rented a room for 1400 Afs in Qurban Eid, but other times it's way cheaper. The boat rent was 300 Afs. in that time. But what is important is not the prices, it's the feeling that you get when putting away all the worries and anxieties of living in the city and relax for a few days in silent and calm nature of Band-e-Amir. It's a great time to listen to the song of water, dessert and wind. Don't forget to go near Band at night and watch the night sky, light up a smoke and think about Life. 😎 (summer 1399)
Alikawa Karar (09/30/2018)
Amazing park ever seen