Address: Shahed Blvd, Herat, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 34.3829268, 62.1707404
Compound Code: 95MC+57 Herat, Afghanistan
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Questions Related to Bakery

  • Where is Bakery's location?

    Bakery's location at: Shahed Blvd, Herat, Afghanistan

  • What is Bakery's location type?

    Bakery works in bakery

  • What is Bakery's rating?

    The rating that Bakery received from customers is 4

  • Where are the coordinates of Bakery?

    Latitude: 34.3829268
    Longitude: 62.1707404

  • Where is Bakery's location on Google maps?

    Bakery's location on Google maps is

About Bakery

Bakery is located at Shahed Blvd, Herat, Afghanistan with latitude 34.3829268 and longitude 62.1707404. Bakery works in the bakery industry with a customer rating of 4

You can find more information about Bakery on their website or you can contact us at phone number so they can best serve you. Take a look at some of the customer reviews about their experience with Bakery



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Abdullahad Barak عبدلاحدبارک (12/27/2019)
Haji Juma Gul Ishaqzai is alive
AMIR JAFARI (AMIR) (03/15/2017)

Bakery at Herat:

Arya Flour and Bread Company
Kandahar - Herat Hwy, Herat, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 34.2590431, 62.2217292
Phone:+93 79 922 0294
FLOUR AND BREAD PRODUCT BARAKAT HARIWA شرکت تولید آرد و نان برکت هریوا
Industrial Town, Phase 1, Sonbol Boulevard, Sonbol 3 Herat, Guzara 3065, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 34.2175109, 62.2090286
Phone:+93 79 905 8685
فروشگاه برادران خطیبی
فاز 3،، Guzara, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 34.2106573, 62.2129392
Phone:+93 79 936 1883
نانوایی امید بارکزی
بازار، Eslamqal'a, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 34.6665544, 61.0956939
Phone:+93 79 337 3825

Bakery at Farsī:

نانوائی صوفی نعمت الله
Bazarcheh St, Herat, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 34.346714, 62.194538
Phone:+93 79 938 0074
جاده شیرزاد، هرات،،, هرات،، Herat, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 34.3652282, 62.2185692
Dash Road, هرات، Afghanistan
Coordinate: 34.348337, 62.2603697