Address: Kabul - Jalalabad Hwy, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 34.4690229, 70.3662838
Compound Code: F998+JG Darūntah, Afghanistan
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Questions Related to انجنيري پوهنځي

  • Where is انجنيري پوهنځي's location?

    انجنيري پوهنځي's location at: Kabul - Jalalabad Hwy, Afghanistan

  • What is انجنيري پوهنځي's location type?

    انجنيري پوهنځي works in university

  • Where are the coordinates of انجنيري پوهنځي?

    Latitude: 34.4690229
    Longitude: 70.3662838

  • Where is انجنيري پوهنځي's location on Google maps?

    انجنيري پوهنځي's location on Google maps is

About انجنيري پوهنځي

انجنيري پوهنځي is located at Kabul - Jalalabad Hwy, Afghanistan with latitude 34.4690229 and longitude 70.3662838. انجنيري پوهنځي works in the university industry

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