Address: sang-e, pahn, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 36.15214, 70.0223044
Compound Code: 522C+VW Mian Shahr, Afghanistan
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Questions Related to قبرستان لَلمُک

  • Where is قبرستان لَلمُک's location?

    قبرستان لَلمُک's location at: sang-e, pahn, Afghanistan

  • What is قبرستان لَلمُک's location type?

    قبرستان لَلمُک works in cemetery

  • Where are the coordinates of قبرستان لَلمُک?

    Latitude: 36.15214
    Longitude: 70.0223044

  • Where is قبرستان لَلمُک's location on Google maps?

    قبرستان لَلمُک's location on Google maps is

About قبرستان لَلمُک

قبرستان لَلمُک is located at sang-e, pahn, Afghanistan with latitude 36.15214 and longitude 70.0223044. قبرستان لَلمُک works in the cemetery industry

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Cemetery at Takhar:

قبرستان شهروان
Taleqan, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 36.7307413, 69.5568714
قبرستان ملک های خطایان
Coordinate: 36.6461927, 69.6767719
قبرستان برلو
Taleqan, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 36.7090812, 69.63072

Cemetery at Namak Āb:

قبرستان لَلمُک
sang-e, pahn, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 36.15214, 70.0223044
زیارت شهید قاری امیر عالم صمیم
Unnamed Road، Hezar Bagh, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 36.9900796, 69.3833221
Rawza-e, Emam jan Road, امام صاحب، Afghanistan
Coordinate: 37.185121, 68.9073437