Address: Kolula Pushta Rd, Kabol, Afghanistan
Coordinate: 34.5400512, 69.151884
Phone: +93 79 978 0456
Compound Code: G5R2+2Q Kabul, Afghanistan
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Questions Related to پارک صفی الله کاکر

  • Where is پارک صفی الله کاکر's location?

    پارک صفی الله کاکر's location at: Kolula Pushta Rd, Kabol, Afghanistan

  • What is پارک صفی الله کاکر's phone number?

    You can call پارک صفی الله کاکر at this phone number +93 79 978 0456

  • What is پارک صفی الله کاکر's location type?

    پارک صفی الله کاکر works in park

  • What is پارک صفی الله کاکر's rating?

    The rating that پارک صفی الله کاکر received from customers is 3

  • Where are the coordinates of پارک صفی الله کاکر?

    Latitude: 34.5400512
    Longitude: 69.151884

  • Where is پارک صفی الله کاکر's location on Google maps?

    پارک صفی الله کاکر's location on Google maps is

About پارک صفی الله کاکر

پارک صفی الله کاکر is located at Kolula Pushta Rd, Kabol, Afghanistan with latitude 34.5400512 and longitude 69.151884. پارک صفی الله کاکر works in the park industry with a customer rating of 3

You can find more information about پارک صفی الله کاکر on their website or you can contact us at phone number +93 79 978 0456 so they can best serve you. Take a look at some of the customer reviews about their experience with پارک صفی الله کاکر


What other say:

H. Rubick (08/28/2020)
I'm sorry, but why did I film a lie?
AmirHamza Amiri (07/02/2020)
Very good place

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